Window blinds are a form of window covering. There are generally three different kinds of blinds namely, Venetian, Roller, and Cellular.  When choosing blinds for your home or office, there are certain factors that you need to take into account for other reasons. The major factors include style, color, functionality, safety, block out, privacy and light control.

A consumer who prefers privacy and light control particularly in an office setting, Venetian blinds are the ultimate option.  Venetian blinds allow you to have a view of the outside while preventing people from seeing the living spaces at the same time.   Venetians blinds are also ideal for street facing office rooms or bedrooms as the blinds effectively block the light from entering the office or the room.  They are available in very trendy colors and style as well as in various cuts and sizes.  For child safety purposes, cord safe Venetian blinds are now available in the market.

The Roller blinds, on the other hand, provides a contemporary and modern look along with additional versatility and functionality. They keep temperatures up in winter and down in summer. Similar to Venetians blinds, roller blinds are available in various cuts and sizes as well as in different fabrics and colors. These blinds provide complete darkness and privacy if integrated with block out roller blinds.

And finally, cellular blinds can be operated without a chord and has energy saving features. The cells in cellular blinds contain air to keep the living quarters warm during winter months and cool during the summers, which reduces energy expenses.  Like most blinds, the cellular blinds are light and contain lift cords inside.

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