Furniture Restoration Thousand Oaks

Furniture Restoration Thousand Oaks is where you go when you need to repair your furniture in Thousand Oaks or have a complete historical valuable antique restoration in Thousand Oaks.

If we cannot repair your furniture, then you owe nothing. There is no obligation and unlike other companies, you never have to pay for the same repair twice. Have you ever repaired something that broke again the following week? That cannot happen here because we guarantee all our work forever. It’s part of our policy to offer you the world’s best customer service. That way you know you are getting a quality repair and not just a place that is going to take your money because you are unsure of how well they may or may not repair your furniture.

We have done more Thousand Oaks antique restoration than all other businesses combined. We can fix, repair, refinish, clean, polish, make custom parts or get that stuck part working again.

Furniture Restoration Thousand Oaks

Furniture Restoration Thousand Oaks

We can restore your beautiful antique back to near perfect quality.

I had a customer send Furniture restoration Thousand Oaks a Marble and wood dresser from the 1700’s, and it was beautiful.  What shocked me the most was how the dresser was missing modern conveniences that are commonly supplied by the cheapest Chinese furniture available. We repaired the broken marble, and hand carved wooden parts for the areas that were broken or missing. When we got the dresser it was all wrapped up with just a bunch of parts; upon initial inspection, we could not tell what parts went where or how the dresser was supposed to look upon completion. I have to admit that we put a lot of time and hours into that project but when it was done it was worth every penny.

A couple of years ago we were awarded the opportunity to complete a restoration and upholstery project on two occasional chairs for the Whitehouse. You can see President Bush and President Obama sitting in the chairs together. What an honor to be chosen to provide such restoration on such important high-quality antiques.

President Reagan’s Ranch contacted Furniture Restoration Thousand Oaks to perform furniture restoration on a club chair that has been preserved. They wanted the same fabric again but of course, it was no longer made, so we had to have custom fabric made to the exact specifications of the original fabric.

President Lincoln was a tall man, but his chair was small. We recently did Thousand Oaks furniture restoration on President Abraham Lincoln’s 1800’s chair which was all wood but not very big.  It was a big honor and surprise to put back together and restore such significant historical furniture.

I have had customers bring us one family heirloom and then another and another because they were so impressed with our quality and creativity. It’s like a miracle how we can take something that looks like nothing and makes something so incredibly beautiful. It would be an honor to give you a free estimate to repair your broken furniture or complete one of our truly unique specialized antique restorations.

No job is too small or big, and our labor rate is the absolute lowest in the industry. If we can complete these Thousand Oaks furniture restorations and repairs for such important historical pieces, then whether your piece is of great historical value or your kids jumped on your sofa we welcome the opportunity to work with you and give you a free estimate.


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