Being the second largest city in California, Thousand Oaks was named after the oaks trees in the area. At, Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we provide all kinds of upholstery services including RV and motorhome upholstery.

When it comes to providing services to customers, customer satisfaction is a number one priority for us. It is reflected in our customer service rating which is unsurpassed by any other company despite providing similar services.  Since cushions and fabrics tend to degrade over time, it is essential to replace or repair them with new upholstery.

The benefits of new upholstery include new look and feel, enhanced comfort with the use of quality fabrics and leathers, and additional durability.  Customers can choose from a wide range of colors and textures for their RV or motorhome upholstery. Repairing or upgrading the existing upholstery of your RV or motorhome will not only increase its resale value, it will contain the negative effect of depreciation to a great extent. Therefore, it stands out as an investment worth pursuing those who own RVs and motorhomes.

Even if a customer does not wish to sell it and prefer to use the RV as their main form of residence, they would be highly satisfied to live in a newly upholstered motorhome. In the US and Canada, it has become customary to travel to warmer climates in the south during winter. As a result, one would be required to spend months in their motorhome. An old and rugged interior is something not preferable to use in such circumstances. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to pursue a new and polished upholstered RV from Thousand Oaks Upholstery, as they are always resourceful to provide the best of services to their clients.

At Thousand Oaks Upholstery, we feel inspired working with our customers starting from their priorities to the imagination to implementation. All of our designers are trained and certified by local colleges. So if you are looking forward to spending thousands of dollars on design or simply looking for a complimentary consultation in Thousand Oaks, call one of our professional designers now!