Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks

Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks makes more custom furniture than any other custom furniture company in Southern California.

We are the #1 rated customer satisfaction because we have a lifetime guarantee on all our Thousand Oaks custom furniture which means we are giving you quality.

So why are we able to guarantee all our custom furniture in Thousand Oaks for as long as you own your custom furniture Thousand Oaks ? Why is it that our competitors cannot compete with our quality and customer satisfaction? These are things to consider as to why we are who we are.

Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks

Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks

Unlike other custom furniture Thousand Oaks companies, we are not trying to see what products, services, or raw materials are the most profitable.

We are constantly finding new raw materials and supplies to enhance the quality of our Thousand Oaks custom furniture. So what is the highest quality craftsmanship we can provide you in the whole world?

Some samples of what we consider are:

The type of zipper – We use a PVC zipper which is weather resistant, wear resistant, and does not oxidize or rust.

The type of thread – We use nylon thread which is so strong that you cannot break it with your bare hands and is UV resistant so that seams will not break or open up.

The type of wood – We use Doweled, screwed, and glued solid hardwood for our frames which are so tough you can drive a car onto it; literally.

The type of fabric, vinyl, or leather custom furniture Thousand Oaks  uses – We sell fabrics that have a lifetime warranty just like our workmanship has a lifetime warranty.  As opposed to one time when Walmart used to have a fabric section which had such low prices that I thought we couldn’t compete, but when I touched their fabrics, they literally ripped in my hands and then I understand that it was Walmart who could not compete with us.

The type of springs custom furniture Thousand Oaks uses – 8-way hand tied coil springs with Italian ruby red twine provides comfort and stability as if you are floating.

The type of webbing that the springs sit on which is used on our custom furniture in Thousand Oaks – A quality jute webbing provides a level seating platform so that you never sink into the sofa seats, but the sofa seats actually support you.

Then to top it all off, the cherry is that your custom furniture Thousand Oaks was made in the USA, right here, locally where we invite you to take a look and visit us or check on your furniture. We want you to see what we do and how we do it. Just today, I had an anxious customer who has called me twice before wanting updates on their project and this morning they dropped in to see why they could not have their custom project sooner. I was so proud to show them the status of their project; we were right in the middle of working on their custom furniture. They are good people, so they smiled and could see that we were trying hard to give them the best quality furniture we possibly could make.  It’s not worth it to take your money and give you a crappy product.  I love custom furniture Thousand Oaks, and I want to be proud of what I make for you.  I want you to be proud to show off the most comfortable beautiful custom furniture made right here in your own city.

custom furniture Thousand Oaks

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