Usually, upholstery grade fabrics cost more than any other grade of fabrics. The reason is upholstery grade fabrics are denser than any other grade of fabrics. The quality of upholstery grade depends upon the density of the fabric. There are certain techniques to choose good quality upholstery fabrics and we have narrowed them to four factors which include: weight, drape, weave and double rubs.

Thousand Oaks Upholstery is rated as one of the renowned upholstery service provider in Thousand Oaks, CA. The best fabric companies in the world ships their drapery and upholstery fabrics directly to us. We are one of the few upholstery service providers in Thousand Oaks who can directly deliver upholstery fabrics directly to clients with a lifetime guarantee.

Most custom upholstery fabrics include leather, wool, acrylic fabric, natural cotton, polyester material, silk upholstery and rayon fabric. Choosing the right fabric that matches the requirement and budget of the customer can get overwhelming at times.

There are certain factors that the client needs to consider when choosing what fabric to use. In terms of upholstering furniture with custom fabric, it is recommended that clients keep their main centerpieces of furniture neutral.  The fabric must be stain and water resistant. Secondly, one needs to consider whether kids and pets will be on the furniture. Thirdly, we need to consider the use of the furniture and where it will be situated, whether it is in the family living room or in the dining room.

One common mistake many people tend to make is not taking into account the wear and tear of upholstery that is made from fabric or leather over time.  One needs to clarify these issues with the showrooms representatives and take into account the maintenance that you need to implement as well as afford for safekeeping that particular fabric.

At Thousand Oaks Upholstery, clients have the privilege to choose from an infinite variation of upholstery fabrics. The use of upholstery fabrics for interior design has been soaring as it highlights the ambience and modulation of the living room. Thousand Oaks upholstery with its more than 100,000 custom fabrics makes it easier to create that prefect living space.