Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks is the largest manufacturer of custom furniture in Thousand Oaks, CA. We have high ratings on customer satisfaction because customers receive a lifetime guarantee on all of their custom-made furniture. Our custom furniture is unique than any other custom furniture suppliers in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Unlike most custom furniture providers at Thousand Oaks, Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks our objective wasn’t about maximizing our profit margins; instead, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our custom furniture through the use of newer raw materials and exceptional, quality craftsmanship. There are certain components of Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks that has made us one of the leading custom furniture suppliers in Thousand Oaks which include using unique zippers, thread, wood, and springs.

At Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks, we use weather resistant and wear resistant PVC zippers on the upholstery of our custom furniture. They do not oxidize or rust, and the nylon thread ensures durability and is UV rays resistant. The zippers are extremely sturdy, and the seams will not break or open up.

Our custom furniture has dowelled, screwed, and glued solid hardwood on their frames. When it comes to fabric, vinyl, or leather Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks uses fabrics with a lifetime warranty. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the work of our experienced craftsmanship.

Custom furniture Thousand Oaks uses the 8-way hand tied coil springs with Italian ruby red twine which is ideal for comfort and stability. For custom furniture, Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks use jute webbing which provides a level seating platform making the sofa seats support to last for a long time. To top it all off all of our custom furniture is made in the USA.

At Custom Furniture Thousand Oaks, our craftsmen create the ultimate custom furniture for customers. We make the best quality custom furniture clients prefer and want to buy, and be satisfied with their investments. Interested customers are cordially invited to visit our showrooms and our team will guide them to choose the perfect custom furniture for their home or office.