Furniture and Auto & Upholstery Thousand Oaks CA

If you want to do Upholstery Thousand Oaks, window coverings, custom bedding, valances, custom headboards, custom upholstery, carpet, laminate flooring, custom furniture, car upholstery, custom draperies, or antique restoration in Thousand Oaks then contact us immediately to discuss your project. We offer free estimates just by emailing or texting us a picture.

You can speak to a certified Thousand Oaks Designer or a Master Upholsterer in Thousand Oaks right now. We are your local resource for all things with home interiors.  We are the #1 Upholstery Company in Thousand Oaks, and we are privileged to offer you a Free estimate, and we will give you a Free soda and give you a Free tour of our on-site workroom. Our Reupholstery Thousand Oaks workroom consists of 2 buildings. We have our showroom which contains samples of every type of window covering hanging on our windows and walls. Our showroom has carpet and flooring samples from Shaw, Camelot, and Royalty carpet mills because we are also the oldest carpet store in Southern California. In the center of our showroom floor, we have all our finished work to show to our customers when the walk in; you will also see custom bedding, custom made headboards, and a selection of catalogs to design any home or commercial space.Upholstery thousand oaks

Our primary Upholstery Thousand Oaks building also houses our Upholstery Thousand Oaks workroom. When you arrive, you will see our large private parking lot, and don’t be surprised if you see a couple of motorhomes in the parking lot.  Motorhomes and RV’s have a unique combination of both auto and home interior.  We are your perfect resource for Motorhome and RV upholstery because we have both auto and home upholsterers onsite.  When you open the doors from our parking lot, you will walk into the center of our workroom floor where you will be greeted by some of our very famous Thousand Oaks Upholsterers.  You will see plaques, newspaper articles, and awards hanging by each Thousand Oaks upholsterer work area. Upholstery is a very specialized trade which most people don’t realize.  Each of our Thousand Oaks upholsterers’ reupholsters using their own tools and sewing machine because it is like an artist who has grown attached to their brushes.  Simi Valley used to have an upholstery school, but most of our Thousand Oaks upholsterers come from countries all over the world; we have Peru, United Kingdom, Persia, and of course Mexico to name a few of the countries where our proud Thousand Oaks Upholsterers grew up. Our upholsterers are Master Craftsman, and each one has their own specific skills that they are best at; personally, I am excellent at home furniture repairs in Thousand Oaks, and I can hand sew almost anything. We have an upholsterer who specializes in outdoor cushion upholstering, but more famously we have another upholsterer here who specializes in upholstering fine antiques.

Our Thousand Oaks upholsterers have upholstered chairs in the White House, chairs at President Reagan’s Ranch, and Upholstery Thousand Oaks has even upholstered a chair from Abraham Lincoln.

Our second Upholstery Thousand Oaks building is divided into two parts. One side of our 2nd building for Upholstery Thousand Oaks  is our warehouse filled with shelves stickered and identifying each customer’s piece of furniture so that your possessions are locked up and labeled with care. The other side of our second building contains a selection of foam for your seat cushions and back cushions, a workroom table for our wood restoration and refinishing, an extra-long drapery table where we make roman shades and custom draperies in Thousand Oaks.  Finally, we have all different types of sewing machines lined up around the walls in the shape of a big horseshoe.  It’s kind of amazing to see how many machines our Thousand Oaks Upholsterers need depending upon which type of material, how thick the material is, and how smooth the material is that you chose for your furniture reupholstery.

Our Thousand Oaks fabric showroom contains the largest fabric library in Ventura County and very expensive high-end closeout fabrics which are all only $10 per yard.

These are not $10 per yard Thousand Oaks Fabrics, these fabrics are very high-quality fabrics which are remnants, discontinued and closeouts which we get from previous jobs, or from fabric companies that either went out of business or no longer carry that style. So we pass the savings along to you because we want your upholstery business in Thousand Oaks.  If you go to Downtown Los Angeles and buy a $10 fabric, that’s because it is a $10 fabric, but we are legitimately offering you $100 fabrics for 90% off. We give you our special deal whenever we get them, but if you find a fabric you like on any of our $10 fabric racks, then you better buy it quick because they sell fast. I had a lady come into our Thousand Oaks Fabric Showroom one time and get a swatch of a fabric on a Friday, and when she came back on Saturday, the fabric was already sold.  She came back again the following Friday, and the same thing happened to her on Saturday, but I did let her know both times that the fabrics sell quickly. Instead of traveling hours away to get a cheap fabric, you can stay right here in Conejo Valley and get a better in-stock fabric today for less money than you would pay at any downtown fabric store. Moreover, all our fabrics are 1st quality, not the seconds that you would usually find discounted because they are flawed.

Upholstery Thousand Oaks has upholstered so many famous landmarks because we are the oldest upholstery company in Southern California, we are licensed and insured, and we are known for quality made in the USA, which is why we have a lifetime guarantee on everything we do. Upholstery Thousand Oaks gives you the highest quality you can get in the world today at a cost that is much less than the best furniture manufacturers and just slightly above the cheap disposable furniture that has seemed to flood the marketplace in America today.



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