Roman shades are a kind of window covering which has been in use since ancient times. Roman shades are delightful window coverings that change the look and feel of your windows and make your home or office to appear much classier.

Roman Shades can be pulled up or down with the use of a pull system. Roman shades are available in several different options with varying fabrics. The fabric used in roman shades is also made from grasscloth, polyester, cotton, and silk.

Nowadays, roman shades look more like the traditional roman shades but they are unique for the fact that they cannot be folded, unlike conventional Roman shades. Roman shades can be rolled up into a canister and stacking isn’t required like a traditional roman shade. Modern Roman shades have a maximum stacking of 3.5” inches whereas in a traditional roman shade the stacking goes anywhere from 6.0” to 16.0” inches.  Roman shades available today also tend to be thin and lightweight as opposed to a traditional one.  Customers can choose from a range of designs and styles of Roman Shades alongside with folding options and sizes from any fabric. The most popular designs include flat roman shades, waterfall roman shades, and relaxed roman shades.

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All our Roman shades are custom ordered and customers can choose from a range of designs and styles of Roman Shades Thousand Oaks. If you are thinking about giving your room a touch of classic or modern look, consider installing a rich textured Roman Shades Thousand Oaks for that much anticipated finished and artistic look.